Location where the city wide prayer meetings began that God used to launch

Christ Central Ministries.


—  August 1992

Christ Central Ministries

In August 1992, members of various area congregations began meeting at a local church in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, to seek God's will for their city. Two years later, in June 1994, a homeless man came to the event and asked for food. His request was met, more homeless people started coming for the same reason, a great need was recognized, and the challenge was accepted. The effort was named Inner City Ministry. It soon outgrew the gymnasium that was originally offered, and on May 18, 1997 Inner City Ministry became Christ Central Ministries. 


Today, Christ Central has grown to numerous mission stations across South Carolina, an entire city block on Main Street, Columbia, a 1400-acre wilderness camp, a 52-acre Missions College, a free medical center, the largest Veteran Center in South Carolina, addiction housing facilities, a children’s home, women and men’s transitional facilities, resource and solutions centers, food banks, thrift stores, free GED programs, and many other mission outreaches serving various needs in communities across South Carolina.  Because Christ Central Ministries and Institute are interdenominational, we strive to work with any church who recognizes a need in its community, and help to create a godly response.

Mission Stations

Christ Central is blessed to have nearly 100 facilities across South Carolina where local people are having their needs met on a daily basis at our  local mission stations. Our directors and team of volunteers work daily to discover needs of impoverished people and work to find a godly response to meet their needs.


Students at Christ Central Institute are given the opportunity to serve in our Mission Stations across the state during the year. Many of our Mission Station Directors are graduates of Christ Central Institute. The opportunity to serve in Mission Stations provides our students a hands on approach to learning how to facilitate and run local mission stations that meet the needs of individuals in local communities. The experience is truly priceless.

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