Community Christmas Celebration

Every year, the town of Wagener does their annual tree-lighting ceremony while the children from Cyril B Busbee Elementary sing out with joy their favorite Christmas carols.  For the past two years, Christ Central Institute has opened the Student Union to the community of Wagener, SC and surrounding communities.  After a week of the students and staff decorating and with the excitement on high the doors finally opened to the community on November 30th.  The students served free cookies, hot chocolate, coffee, peppermint sticks, and of course a warm smile.  Over the few hours, over 100 people with a cup of their choice.  Christ Central Institute looks forward to serving the community once again next year. 

As the night went on, we were blessed by the choir of Busbee Elementary School as they carried their tunes from the center of town to the center of our Student Union building.  As we stood on the opposite side of the counter serving hot chocolate, our smiles shined just as bright as the excitement of these little ones.  

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