Heart for Honduras


To see the Church of God pastors and their families in the Western Territory of Honduras provided for through self-sustaining projects in each of the six regions.


To bring hope to pastors living in poverty by gathering sponsors from churches and individuals in The United States to help fund projects that will generate sustainable income for them, their families, and communities.

Who Are They

Steven and Candace Day are missionaries currently living in Honduras serving the Western Territory of The Church of God. God has placed a vision within them for the pastors and people of this region. Their vision is found in Galatians 6:2,

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

How it Started

Pastors Steven and Candace, felt strongly about fulfilling their calling on the foreign mission field. After working in many different ministries, trying to understand their calling, they found their passion while on a summer mission trip to Honduras. They felt God pulling at their hearts to step into foreign missions full-time. After praying about it, an opportunity was presented to live in La Entrada, Copan and help with the needs of the western territory. They are currently serving in their third year on the mission field with their two children, Colt (age 6) and Ruby (age 3) and baby #3 on the way.

What They Do

They work with the Church of God pastors in the western territory to help meet the needs and create self-sustaining projects for them and their churches. In early November, the first Church of God seminary classes in Lempira took place. The first group of fifteen church planters in the department of North Lempira received biblical and Church of God structure classes for the first time ever. Currently, Steven and Candace are building the first Church of God Seminary in Lempira. This seminary will provide classes for pastors and church planters in this under-evangelized area of Western Honduras. The details of this project can be seen in the video above.

Get Involved

You can follow their ministry by clicking on the link below for their  Facebook page, Heart for Honduras. Donations can be made through LIFEchurch, by mail to 199 Thomas Mill Rd Easley, SC 29640, or by giving directly at the church. They can also receive donations through The Church of God World Missions Office. Their project number is #065-0948. If you want to contact them directly, please e-mail them at heartforhondurasmissions@gmail.com.


A Good Cup of Joe

At the 2019 Church of God Camp Meeting, Christ Central Institute had the privilege of sharing space next to these two missionaries. Just like most, we enjoy a good cup of coffee. We always thought that we were drinking the best of the best but were we wrong. After the first cup, we knew we had struck gold. Now, you can go to the grocery store and buy premium coffee every day, but where does the money go?  Is your purchase supporting someone in need besides your own need for coffee? No, it goes into the pockets of some company. With coffee from missionaries Steven and Candace Day, you are supporting missions, the Great Commission, and making a difference in the lives of God’s children in Honduras. We cannot begin to share how delicious this blend of coffee truly is. All we can say is see for yourself.  You can purchase this coffee that is grown, harvested, and packaged straight from the Hills of Honduras! If you are interested in purchasing this coffee, contact Steven and Candace at heartsforhondurasmissions@gmail.com or at www.lifechurchsc.com/heartforhonuras.

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