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Join us at the Community Mission Research Facility here on the Wagener, SC campus. 

The Return is for all believers who love the Lord from all denominations and backgrounds, black, white, Spanish, Asian, men, women, youth, children, Jew and Gentile, everyone. Believers and leaders already on board with the Return include everyone from Pat Robertson to James Dobson, to Billy Graham’s daughter Ann Graham Lotz, to Martin Luther King’s Niece Alveda King – and many, many more. The hour is late – and the call is to all – To you, parents, to lead your families in revival, to you ministers, to lead your groups in revival, to you pastors, to lead your churches in revival, to you leaders to lead your organizations, your denominations, your people into revival. And if you’re seeking God, then now is the time to come to him or return to Him and to come alongside.

National And Global Day Of Prayer and

Repentance Simulcast Event

September 25: 6 pm - 9 pm 

September 26: 9 am - 6 pm

Upcoming Events

Chaplaincy Training Level 1-3: Day 3
Christ Central Institute
Chaplaincy Training Level 1-3: Day 2
Christ Central Institute
The Return: National And Global Day of Prayer And Repentance Simulcast Event
Christ Central Institute
The Return: National And Global Day of Prayer And Repentance Simulcast Event
Christ Central Institute
Chaplaincy Training Level 1-3: Day 1
Christ Central Institute



Start Your Journey Today! 


Christ Central Institute offers introductory and advanced levels of training for those desiring to become Community Missions Chaplains. Perhaps now more than ever before, struggling communities can benefit from a chaplain who is uniquely trained to facilitate and support a Godly response to poverty-related challenges facing government, business, education, the local churches and individuals in need.

Christ Central Institute: India

Seeds of a powerful ministry partnership were sown when Pastor Jimmy Jones, on a 1990’s mission trip to India, met Pastor Wellesly Solomon who was serving an eight-year term of service in his church in India. Pastor Solomon began visiting Christ Central Institute and taking courses there during his trips to the United States. At the end of his term of service, he informed Pastor Jimmy that he wanted to start a Christ Central Mission serving the poor of his region of India. Later he recognized the need for educating others to help, and he established a branch of Christ Central Institute in the town of Annanoor. Both Mission and Institute have grown as can be clearly seen in the photos recently sent by Pastor Solomon. May God continue to bless these ministries. In the pictures below are the location of his ministry, a baptism, their church building, a classroom full of students, and a group of believers preparing for first communion.

Be The Change!

Christ Central Institute is here to train you to become an equipped leader of change in the field of missions and move you forward into God's calling on your life. Everyday someone in your community is crying out for hope that surpasses their hardships. Will you be the one to bring hope and change to those in need?  Let us help you make the difference! 

A Letter From Our President

The Lord desires His people to answer the call He has on their lives.  Encouraging, equipping and empowering disciples for community missions is our primary focus at Christ Central Institute. God has a wonderful call on your life.  Let CCI be the college where our faculty, staff and fellow classmates partner with you to realize your purpose in life.


Rev. Jimmy Jones, President & Founder


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