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Because the primary goal of Christ Central Institute is to educate and empower those students who desire to represent Christ to the poor, the struggling, and the disenfranchised, prospective fulltime students should understand and embrace the atoning work of Christ on the cross, the biblical call to repentance, the power of forgiveness, and the expectation of experiencing new life in Him. They should also be in good standing with a church family or body of believers. A high school diploma or GED is required, although exceptions may be made for students who are in the process of obtaining the latter.


Residential applicants may fill out the registration link below. After you fill out your information and submit it, we will email and mail you a full application for admission. Tuition is purposely kept at a minimum and room and board are covered by Christ Centrals Institute’s work-study program, so that those completing our program(s) will be free to pursue their calling without being burdened by student debt. A visit to the campus is highly recommended.


Commuting students may register for classes by the link below. Auditors are always welcome but also asked to register.

Christ Central Institute Tuition & Fees 2020-2021

Full Semester Costs ($3,490) paid on or before on Aug. 1 are reduced by 10% ($3,141). Full Tuition and Fees ($1,540) paid on or before Aug. 1 are reduced by 5% ($1,463). Late payments made after the 5th of any due month will incur a $10 late fee or $20 after the 10th of any due month. Students who fall more than one month behind may be suspended until caught up or asked to withdraw. All payments must be up-to-date to receive semester grades or transcripts.


Second-year students may be eligible for need-based scholarships. 


Students should also budget $15-$20 a week for personal expenses. Because there are limited part-time work opportunities in Wagener, students are encouraged to seek monthly sponsorship from family, friends, and local church as they pursue their calling to ministry.


WITHDRAWAL REFUNDS: Available through first 7 weeks of class in diminishing percentages.

Tuition Chart.png

Full-Time Commuters pay application fee, cost per credit hour, course curriculum, activity fee, and admin fee.   

Part-Time Commuters pay cost per credit hour, specific course curriculum, and admin fee.   

Auditors pay $30 per course, curriculum optional.

Room & Board Work-Study Option: Student commits to 13 hours/week x 15 weeks valued at $10/hour doing assigned campus or CCI/CCM tasks.

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