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Our History

Christ Central Institute was established in the beautiful little community of Wagener, SC, in 2002, when Christ Central Ministries recognized the importance of having a focused educational support system. More recently, in 2016, the Institute opened a second, modern commuter campus at Hope Plaza in downtown Columbia. Also, Christ Central Bible College, an affiliate Christ Central Institute school, has been established in Chennai, India. It is governed by one of our former students.

Today, many of the mission stations in Christ Central Ministries are directed by former students of Christ Central Institute. Daily, they serve others in the name of Christ by offering practical assistance, education, community development, medical care, recovery, and volunteer opportunities to both local communities and individuals in need.  

Our Purpose

Our mission, in its simplest terms, is to honor Christ by serving others faithfully and wisely while watching and giving thanks for all that God is doing. The teachings, example, and challenge of Jesus, our faith in Him, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit serve as the motivation for and foundation of our efforts. It is our desire that, in this process, others will hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Christ Central Institute trains effective servant-leaders to identify both areas of need and resources, and to then offer and participate in godly solutions. We believe that poor communities tend to be rich, not only in undiagnosed problems and leadership vacuums, but also in unrecognized resources. Christ Central’s mission response is to assist such communities through a process of disciplined research, careful diagnoses, and loving remedies. We freely offer to serve community government, churches, schools, businesses, and individuals in need.

Our Diversity

Christ Central Institute demonstrates commitment to the Body of Christ by engaging Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians to address root causes of poverty. Working together, we are able to love and serve people without regard to race, national origin, age, disability, or personal identities and beliefs.

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