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Christ Central Institute - Wagener, SC

Administration Office

Christ Central is committed to enriching communities. One way in which we enrich communities is by rescuing dilapidated or run down homes or buildings and then repurposing them to offer services to people in the community. Our administration offices were once owned by a family in Wagener, where they and their over 40 animals lived. We restored this beautiful home, gave the couple a place to live that was much more conducive to a healthy lifestyle and took care of them until they passed away years late.

Christ Central Institute Library & Research Center

Christ Central Institute offers library resources that are uniquely suited to the mission of the school, and that exceed both in volume and scope the collections available in many colleges. The Research Library contains holdings of more than 30,000 volumes.


The Library is adjacent the Student Center and is just down the stairs from the apartments where our students live on our campus. 

The Greg Humphries Library

Greg Humphries Church History Library officially opened December 4, 2010 in the new Rare Books and Artifacts Wing. This rare book and artifact library and museum is a remarkable collection containing books and artifacts some of which are more than 500 years old. Mr. Humphries collected these over the course of many years for the Christian Heritage Center Library which he founded in Staunton, Virginia. Christ Central has also added some rare books from the Puget Sound Christian College, expanding the collection even further.

Coffee Shop & Student Center

The Coffee Shop and Student Center is the place where students hang out, study, and fellowship while they're at Christ Central Institute. The Student Center is also a place that is used for outreaches to the community for teens and senior citizens who live in and around Wagener. There are billiards, board and card games, media for games and more. During the school year this is one of the coolest spots to hang out in Wagener.

Christ Central Archives & History

These sections of building in downtown Wagener are some of the most historical in Aiken County. The smaller brick building in the center was home of the oldest bank in the county. Since we are committed to enriching communities, in 2008, Christ Central Ministries purchased this section of buildings for our growing college. 

The former bank is now serves as our Archives and History Facility for Christ Central Ministries. All artifacts and stories of where Christ Central began is displayed in this facility. On occasions, the media room also doubles as a movie theater for Senior Adults of Wagener. 

The Miller Guest Home

The Miller Guest Home is a home that was restored from family that dates back to the original Dixie Crystals Family. It is where parents and family of resident students can lodge when they come to visit. It also serves as a meeting and classroom space year round.

Community Missions Research Facility

The Community Missions Research Facility (CMR) is the first building situated on CCI's Main Campus.  This new 5,000 square foot space offers a dining hall, commercial kitchen, three classrooms, a boardroom/library, and office space. 

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