Youth Chaplaincy

Youth Chaplaincy – What is it? Imagine a youth pastor who feels called to serve not just a church, but an entire community of youth. This could mean helping in an after-school mentoring program, praying over the football team before a game, and/or hanging out with some young people playing basketball in the park. It could involve taking teens on a wilderness retreat or on a community service project. It might involve spending time with a lonely young person who thinks no one cares. In this unique role, a youth chaplain becomes a nonthreatening first responder for teens who may be in crisis or just trying to navigate life – a friendly, caring, nonjudgmental adult who is just a visit, a text, or phone call away.

At CCI, we believe we have been called to train up spiritual warriors to stand in the gap and to fight for this next generation. To do so effectively, we have designed our Youth Chaplaincy Program, which is being piloted in fall 2020. Here, our students will receive biblical, missional, and relational training for working in youth ministry. We will provide hands-on experience in working in poverty situations and with at-risk teens. We will also encourage you in your own spiritual growth, and we will walk beside you in your journey.

Because of our low costs and work-study options, you can graduate from either our one-year or two-year program with no student debt. From there, we will continue to support you as you return home or follow God’s direction to another appointed place of ministry.

Do you have a burden for your generation? Our Community Youth Chaplaincy Program can prepare and equip you to serve in this unique calling. Contact us for more information.

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